More Men Wearing Engagement Rings

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Men’s engagement rings might sound like an unusual concept, but they’re growing in popularity. A recent article for the Evening Standard Insider pointed out that there are a number of reasons why these accessories have become more popular.

Among them are the rise in same-sex marriages, as well as the growing number of women who are proposing to their partners.

The news provider also cited figures released by Lyst, which noted that searches for men’s engagement rings have climbed by 66 per cent in the past year.

A number of high-profile male celebrities have also been seen wearing men’s engagement rings, most notably Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble.

Morgane Le Caer, insights reporter at Lyst, told the newspaper that although same-sex marriage has had an impact on the figures, “we also have to take into account the fact that more and more [straight] men simply feel proud to be engaged and just want to be on the same level as their partners”.

She added that it doesn’t end with engagement rings either, pointing out that many men at this year’s Oscars were seen wearing all kinds of exciting jewellery.

This might be the time for you to experiment with wearing men’s bangles in the UK, or to buy your partner a piece of jewellery that he’ll love.

A recent article for GQ Magazine also argued that men’s earrings are having something of a renaissance, particularly for men who are a little bit older. Wearing a simple gold hoop earring with professional attire can “offset the sober effect” of a suit, the writer stated.

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